Dress and Coat shapes ~ 1950’s

Dress and coat shapes – 1950’s

Duster coat and dress

6th April 1952 Duster coat


Vintage  1950’s winter dress and coat shapes may be hard to find, so help is at hand to find the right shape and authentic look on your shopping search this year for a near high street match! These images  were feature front covers from the time from the French Journal – Le Petit Echo de la Mode. Publication commenced as early as 1879 so they knew how to publish exactly the right trend for the moment.




This stylish  shaped Duster Coat although issued in April 1952, would be ideal for  late September/October weather today in Europe and U.K.   An adaptable style for any occasion in any colour you may find.

During the 1950’s it was also tight times and the journal was a small size with only 32 pages, later it grew to a small newspaper size and was full of fashion information. The articles covered cookery, needlework, lace making, knitting, hair fashions, lingerie, events of the day, humorous captions, family matters, and many advertisements for health, medical potions, and other topics. These rescued original Petit Echo de la Modes  had been stored in very dusty, damp conditions in an old garage. They were in a sad condition.   The pages were speckled with marks, torn and very yellow with age.  Some of these were also folded in three for storage, so had to be handled with the greatest care to un-crease the folds, without tearing the newspaper they were printed on.

Coat and suit

24 Aug 1952 Coat and suit



Printed in August, with September/October in mind!


A chunky wrap coat to cover anything  with shaped wrist feature and a shawl collar to stop the wind.  Over a dark green suit and a snappy white  neck tie shirt it was all the rage for 1950, and adaptable for any autumn and winter wardrobe.





Dress  1952

Wrap over fitted dress 12th Sept 1952






A large check fabric pattern  for a vintage look with black accessories.  Belted fitted waist styles were fashion details to many dresses.


This publication became one of the most informative collectables available, circulating throughout the trade and public of France.  


These two styles were available as patterns to make and were extremely popular during this decade.

Waisted suit and coat 1952

Smart cut coat and tailored suit

The back cover of this edition had two designs, one having an unusual buttoned high waisted dress in two tone colours red and grey.   It had a matching loose jacket with wide cuffs.

The heading read:  L’Ensemble et ses details nouveaux.

L'Ensemble 1952

Latest fashions Sept, 1952
















A red dress with the pattern inside.   

Red dress and coat

Red fitted dress with camel coat


Red  dress pattern

Two section bodice

















The top bodice is cut out complete with the sleeves (all in one piece) then the shaped lower part is added.  It is shown with an option to make up in two contrasting colours.     1 Meter 80 of fabric is economical and makes a smart day dress.




Slim fit green coat with a warm versatile  turn up collar looks a million dollars about Paris

Fitted green coat

November 1952

















Mandarin jacket

A mandarin collar with double pockets are features to this jacket easily copied today especially for a restaurant visit.


Conclusion:   Red seems to be the dominant colour for  the early l950’s with this Paris collection. Most probably to brighten up the difficult times that still lingered from the previous decade.  Dark green is the second choice for dresses and coats.   Slim fitting straight dresses and large baggy coats were also main themes,.


One more red coat with a shaped stitched rounded yoke and cuffs to match, beneath a check light grey dress. They certainly are all not only   confidence building, but make a splash of colour in gloomy days. A good thought for a new winter wardrobe!

Rounded yoke










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