Classic Coats 1920’s – Autumn/Winter

Classic Coats 1920’s Paris Autumn/Winter

Classic coats that never date are practical if the style is correct for you and it is an adored purchase, on the other hand a new one is always an exciting prospect.  Planning a new look, choosing the colour, seeing the latest trends all give us an enormous uplift to the spirits.  

The trend of the 1920’s changed greatly through each year, some  were warm,  some  protective in the rain, and some had unusual detailed design features.  They were tailored for individualistic ladies, with impeccable Parisian  good taste. These particular design illustrations show a preference for darker winter colours of greens, greys, black and reds.  Ranging from September to December these prints are an original record from the journal Petit Echo de la Mode, covering  from 1923  to 1927/8.

Fiest Frosts 1923

Sept 1923 For the first frosts.

It is interesting to see that in November 1923 the coats were full length to the ankles, showing beneath smart usually black shoes high cut  or with straps.  These styles were described as “For the First Frosts” – appropriate for strolling in the town or country.  Most favoured were light brown and black edged in fur trims for the cuffs and collars this being practical, but extremely smart. The cut of the garments narrowed in fullness at the bottom, helping to  give a more lean appearance to the otherwise quite thick weight of the textiles, thus avoiding a bulky line. Later in the decade the coat lengths became shorter. (Our First Frosts have not quite visited us yet) – so get ready!

Heavy rains and storms come first. 

Rain coats 1923

Rain coats 1923

A stylish cape coat. an ideal design short or long.

Autumn leaves Nov 1923

Falling leaves November 1923


Autumn leaves 2nd November 1923

Boy it's cold! 2nd November 1923


Little red coat  Dec 1923

Little red coat for Noel Dec 1923

Note:  Diamond designs, fur edged panels, and childs warm  side buttoned leggings. 


December 1924 Snow coats

December 1924 Snow coat and jackets


Pink dress and green coat 1924

The pink and green combination 1924


Rust 1924

Rich rust brown gets noticed 1924


By 1925 the hem lines are rising to mid calf length.

Walking in the rain October 1925

Walking in the rain October 1925

Purple coat 1926

Perfect Purple coat 1926

Perfect PURPLE a smash hit with swinging fur trimmed side panels that wiggle with you when you walk! The matching hat and shoes were unusual.


Black side panels 1926

More side panels - fashion trend 1926

These side panels were pleated just below the coat pocket line and were wonderful for walking and very stylish on the streets of Paris.

Classic coats 1926-1927

Three Classic coats 1926-1927


little hoody December 1926

little hoody December 1926


Tailored coats 1927

Three tailored coats 1927

This green coat has amazing tailored panels ending in beautiful back pleats.   The black coat has typical deep “V” shaped  pattern inserts which are very effective in bringing the Deco look into prominence during these times. The small back drawing view, shows the design is extended across the back to the center shoulders below the top yolk.  Her hat is a perfect match with this coat.  A very rare design feature indeed.

An ART DECO Display – Fashions of 1927

Art deco display 1927

Art deco display 1927


Bridge x 2 coats 18 Dec 1927

18th December 1927

ENTER  1st January 1928 

New Years day 1928

New Years day 1928

The back sculptured coat detail makes the fashion into 1928!  The classic 1920’s fashion at it’s confident height.

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