FANTASIO – Fashions

FANTASIO Fashions – A French antique book- 1913

Fantasio is an antique hard backed heavy book, with a leather binding, it has gold spine lettering and a mottled red and maroon thick cover. It is made up of individual editions of this French magazine. The Editeur was  Felix Juvan, 1 Rue de Choiseul, Paris.

I found two copies of this book a couple of years ago and have delved into them ever-since.

The contents  are humorous, unusual and with illustrated depictions of topical characters of the times. Many illustrations catching the bizarre  slightly adventurous  spirit of French character. Each edition has many articles charmingly illustrated.  In depth social  matters of political importance give historical enlightenment  for researchers today.

On a lighter look at this it is all about the French looking at themselves!    Here are some of the unusual fashion images  for this archive. Some are quite impossible to believe and  certainly not wearable now, but they may still make us SMILE.


Hello - 1913!

This illustrator was very prolific in the Fashion Journal Gazette Bon Ton.   His illustrations must have spread to the Edition Fantasio.

Mad Mode 1

I can't move

Mad Mode 2

I can't sit down


Mad robe 3

Puff ball

Mad mode 4



A. Valley - group

Illustrator Armand Vallee


Getting ready

Do hurry up dear! 1913

 This print has the caption:   Leur plairi-ja ainsi?   ‘I shall please them well’  Composition de Touraine.   



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