Racetrack Robes – 1920’s

Racetrack Robes of France – 1920’s

My “Vintage Racetrack Robes” collection has evolved in France over a long time and I was recently spurred on by an expert in the field of racing events and fashions  Briana Mott, from Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A. with her discussion on the subject of Fashion & Horse Racing. This was the authentic look for Ladies of France in the 1920’s.  The images are from the journal Petit Echo de la Mode.

Surprisingly, I have been sitting on some pretty stunning garment views of exactly the fashions in France during this time.   Hats, well you all have hundreds of these to play with,  but these are a select few hat images of the past.   A stylish  NEW TREND?

Race Day 1925


White diamonds for the winning  bet!

Wise choice 1928


Swinging tassel tails for the paddock…

Ladies Enclosure  1928


Tracking fashions of perfection…

Ladies Day Accessories  1928

Race Day Accessories 1928

Keeping the sun out of your eyes meant not missing a winner..

Family  1928


Family fun day out at the races.

Racy Black and Beige


A smart selection of Ladies dress.

1929 Black and white dress


A black and white patterned dress for a summer win.

Red at the races 26th May 1929

26th May 1929

The best red robe of the season!

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