Tennis costumes – 1920’s

Tennis costumes on court and off during the 1920’s,

were so very different from modern times.  The game of tennis, especially during the summer months all over France in the 1920’s, had a hugely popular following. The player’s clothes evolved from long skirts and dresses to ever increasing shorter styles, giving increased ease of movement and promoting a higher standard of play. Off court the spectators had a great opportunity to wear smart summer new seasons attire.   Large hats to keep off the sun were a must. Strawberries and cream – I wonder?

Tennis racket shapes and weight were particularly interesting in the 1920’s, mainly they were made from wood and had cat gut strings.

Does anyone know any more great Tennis names from these times?

Suzanne Lenglen was the first great tennis star post World War One. She won Wimbledon in 1919. It was her first grass tournament  playing seven times champion Dorothea Douglass Chambers.

In 1920 she won the Olympics and won at Wimbledon every year until 1925 except 1924 when she had pull out because of jaundice. She also won the French Open six times.

Another great    female  star was Helen Wills Moody who won The French Open four times.Wimbledon eight times and the Us Open seven times.

Close to the net a ball goes astray.  This interesting image was printed:  29th July 1923.

Tennis 1923  1

29th July 1923

The country family grass tennis court was ideal for making friends.  Long straight skirts must have slowed up the progress play was at a relaxed  pace.  This summer game was printed: 20th July 1924.

Grass tennis 2

July 1924

Cotton cross stitch tennis tops. Cut all in one piece with cross stitch detail pattern on demand. 20th July 1924.

Tennis tops

Cotton cross stitch tennis tops 1924

Young Play- Printed 16th August 1925.

Young tennis

Play ball 16th August 1925

1926 Tennis fashions  Are you ready to play?

Tennis fashions

May 1926

A hard court tennis court set in a woodland setting.  The white  practical pleated tennis skirt was the fashion printed  7th August 1927.

Hard court tennis



Meeting up for tennis practice. Printed 21st April 1929.

Tennis practice


 Classic Tennis match dress. 

Tennis arrire 29



Tennis day 29

Classic 1929






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  1. iida at Decades of Elegance

    Oh these are absolutely divine! I just bought myself a 1920’s style tennis dress (it looks like a shorter flapper dress) and it makes playing so much more fun as well! Thank you for posting, the prints are just stunning! iida