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Headtotoefashionart has evolved from exploring the art from French Fashion Journals over a period of fifteen years, forming a rare collection of fashion prints and a life long interest in fashion design. Expanding upon my knowledge from this I have collated my researches into some imposing Fashion Designer Biographies, and written some new Fashion Blog subjects.

Luisella & Lavinia near Windsor Castle

Luisella & Lavinia near Windsor Castle

Continuing  this focus today and still avidly collected individual lithographs drawings, prints and hand coloured plates issued with the publications, as well as black and white photographs. All these have been found in the beautiful region of south west France known as the Périgord.

Originally the fashion journals came from Paris, where some of the most elegant costume designs from the most prestigious Fashion Houses of the day were created.

Impressively, we have managed to collect journals from every year between 1870-1940, which has necessitated a substantial amount of work to catalogue.

Chart showing the different classic french fashion journals

Chart showing the different classic french fashion journals

Many of these designs are no longer available, making them all extremely rare.

In retrospect this period is the actual dates known as the Third Republic, which has shown to be one of the most exciting and developing periods for female fashions in Paris, from the ornate and spectacular high fashion circa 1870-1910, to the post first world war period 1919-1930, where everything developed to a more modern and minimal style. Equally the 1930′s saw a changing and refining process which was to come to an end at the beginning of the second world war.

It is now an ideal time to once again experience these beautiful images of French fashions from a magnificent period, much of it lost or simply forgotten!

1913 La Femme Chez Elle Adv. High Life Tailor, Glad to meet you!


Our Business objective is to select the finest Artists, Designers, and Photographers creations, lovingly restore them to there original splendor, many rescued from age, damp and neglect, and recreate them for everyone to see worldwide, and buy, forming a very rare quality Fine Art Fashion Print Collection.  Creating a high quality print production service for our customers.Having a strong sense of preservation, means that no journal has been dismantled and has been kept in its entirety, exactly as it was when found. Disc’s are made of every preserved print for future generations to see.


22.2.1913 – L’Illustration – Design Inspiration

For inspiration for new Designers, students, and teachers our prints show a wealth if stunning features.

The journal contents are extremely valuable, interesting and informative, showing a wealth of knowledge, such as fabrics, patterns, colours and more, some designs we will print. We shall expand our categories to include fascinating photographs, ballet costumes, theatre set designs, and even some late 19th century wedding gowns, this giving us continuity for a long time to come. This we have started 2012,

Currently :   We have been expanding our pages and added an interesting Blog page for ideas!  A Links section with some Top Fashion Sites to visit.  All our Fashion Designers pages have some new images and more are planned.   We are pleased to announce some stunning images added into our  Two Fashion House Slideshows expanding with some fascinating rare coloured photo’s and designs.  This is a Vintage treasure trove of fashion images…

That Wedding Gown image is now in place!

Our Blog pages are growing with many different fashion related subjects to follow:  September 2013.

A huge work is completed, with the theme of Classical Music of French Composers., with images of  19th Century and early 20th Century stunning gowns for the Opera and Theatre.  Written by Trevor Doyne-Ditmas.  Image and page design by Lavinia!   New Blog will be  Romantic English Composers with highlights of Elgar and William Walton!  September 2013.