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La Haute Coiffure de Paris – 1949

La Haute Coiffure de Paris – 1949 This was a “journal professionnel” – for hair dressers and stylists full of imposing black and white photographs and details of events, questions,  instructions on the latest techniques, and advertisements.   Hair designs were styled using tight set curls, waves, and well defined cuts,  leaving enough length to … Continued

French Regional Costumes

French Regional Costumes Recently found in South-Western France.   These French Regional Costumes   speak for themselves and immediately evoke strong expressive personas within the drawings.   Many subjects are within, even horses, cabbages, chickens and romance, unlikely combinations for a fashion blog!   Much research was needed as I had no idea of the details, … Continued

Tea Time Fashions – 1920’s

Tea Time fashions – 1920’s From this rare collection of endearing prints depicting ladies Tea Time Fashions, it demonstrates a strong popularity for this necessary event throughout France during the 1920’s.  Nearly every year is represented from this unusual find. Especially interesting are the many different teapot shapes throughout this time. To focus on this … Continued

HAT Shape Originals 1920’s

HAT Shape Originals  1920’s – are coming back in trend, with close cropped hair and chic hair styles to complete the new look for  2014.  Designer inspirations for the future ……. An extraordinary diversity of design has been given to us in the shape of HATS, from the past to the present.  Hats greatly influenced … Continued

Tennis costumes – 1920’s

Tennis costumes on court and off during the 1920’s, Tennis costumes were so very different from modern times.  The game of tennis, especially during the summer months all over France in the 1920’s, had a hugely popular following. The player’s clothes evolved from long skirts and dresses to ever increasing shorter styles, giving increased ease … Continued