Bicycle trip – 1902

Bicycle Balancing is tricky!

Bicycle trip 1902
Hold tight here we go!

Especially for ladies in a whirl of changing fashion.  The new bicyle and the new young man.  Plus-fours with socks of every colour were great for the outdoors for walking and bike rides in the country.  Buzzing around Paris is quicker than a hike on foot.  This painting needs no explaination and has a charm of it’s own…..  1902!   UPDATE!!  Below – This looks like the same man giving lessons in 1896!  He has a firm grip on the brake and they are riding along the coast having a great time.  Image recently found in a old Paris book/Oct 2012 

Bicycle trip 1902 - Tricycle

1896 – La Lecon de Tricycle par Rainey

John Redfern – fashion designer was one of the forerunners of the Sports costume designs creating for events out and about.  He made special designs for every event for ladies of France.  Initially in The Isle of Wight. U.K.  where he began his career.
Update just found some more Cycles in Advertisements.
Bicycle trip 1902  - Cycle Adv. 1898
Cycle gear!


Cycles Sirius Adv
Flying speed bike!


Paris Cycle Advert
Bicyclettes payables en 10 Mois


Early Hire purchase available for Paris Cycles.


Clement Cycle Advert Paris
Wings on her head and on her toes!


We welcome any more old bicycle pictures you may have…..