Latest Keyboard experience

The French Latest Keyboard experience hits Paris with a boom!  

The French keyboard
Latest Paris gadget!


New employment took off for young ladies of experience. The Secretary became invaluable.  Special teaching was required on how to type on this metal contraption!  The delightful record of this is captured in some original phototgraphs in a Femina book dated 1902

Typing school
Dactylographes, par Mme .Gabrielle Reval – 1902



Typing school
HATS on concentration!

Typing school with hats on makes me smile!

The cost for the typing classes was expensive and when they were finally employed the wages were very low, bearing in mind the value of the old franc during the early 1900’s.    Renumeration for the ladies started out at 100 Francs a month.  If she reached the maximum speed 150 words per minute she would be paid 125 Francs or 150 francs.  For having English and German language skills she would be paid between 200 and 300 Francs a month.  For copying manuscripts 40-100 francs at best – (1.50 Francs per line).

Working conditions were harsh and commenced at 9.a.m. and finished between 6-7. p.m.