Film music giant – Erich Korngold

 Film Music Giant – Erich Korngold

Film Music - Korngold
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Film Music and Costumes on set are related in a big way particularly so in this Composer’s repertoire. He was born in l897. His was a child prodigy and was writing music by the age of 12.

He had a remarkable facility for writing magnificent melody. He was also one of the top five film composers of the 20th century.

He scored historical films with wonderful Elizabethan costumes. The glamour girl Betty Davis starred in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. and her dresses were Hollywood l930 excellence and worth looking at again. Essex was played by Errol Flynn.

Film Music - Elizabeth and Essex
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Film Music - Betty Davis Elizabeth
Betty Davis

In the very early l970’s RCA began issuing a remarkable collection of classic film scores from the golden age of film music. Charles Gerhardt a RCA Producer and film music fanatic, persuaded them to record various compilations of film composers scores.

Turning to conducting he recorded 12 albums starting off with Erich Korngold and including Alfred Newman, Max Steiner and Franz Waxman. Charles Gerhardt came to the U.K. and selected a crack orchestra using top quality musicians.  He encouraged them to produce the authentic Holywood Sound, lush strings, great solo playing all lead by the ledgendary violinist Sidney Sax.

I bought every LP issued throughout the l970’s and then the whole series was re-issued on CD’s at the end of the 1980’s.   Nothing has been recorded since to compare with this fabulous collection.   A particular CD that I would recommend RCA GD87890.  The Sea Hawk  Film Scores by Eric Korngold.

Film Music - Sea Hawk - Korngold
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Have you heard this fabulous recording?  

Korngold 1930's
Sea voyage photo




A happy photo on board.