Vintage fashion adverts

Vintage fashion adverts, 20th century

Vintage Fashion Adverts/French Journal Publicity – Every conceivable feminine product was advertised in the most prominent fashion publications throughout France. Many were so attractive in design, they now give a feeling of great nostalgia and we wonder whatever happened to the products and the Companies who made them, some I would like to bring back again.

Vintage Fashion Adverts

A selection of the ones that caught my attention when turning the pages covered the categories of beauty products, boots and shoes, bags, jewellery, textiles, perfume, and cars.

Printed fashion adverts were one of the few ways to get their products known and so great importance was given to creating an enticing image and text for a specific female audience. Just by studying some of them it may be possible to pick up some valuable hints for a Facebook Page layout today!  What great food for thought!  Look for vintage fashion adverts in your old magazines.

Vintage Fashion Adverts

This Perfume Caron  Vintage fashion advert is not only a beautiful image, but used effectively with the company name stamped in the background.  It was from the magazine called  Formes et Couleurs a Musique edition. A publication for France and Italy.

L’Illustration Journal published some glossy Company perfume adverts and they used the top Artists to illustrate their products. Rene Gruau and Christian Berard were prolific illustrators and they used very strong colourful fashion designs.

Vintage Fashion Adverts
1946 by Christian Berard by Nina Ricci
Artist Christian Berard
1945 Artist Christian Berard

Femina was also a Journal with some lovely Advertisements.

Note: (All Journals and publications have been kept in tact when using the pages and every care is taken to keep there preservation).

Perfume Roger Gallet

Romantic dancing advert illustration for Roger & Gallet perfume.

Shoe adv Bally

Famous Shoe company Bally  1950  This was also used as a poster.

Perfume Ecusson

An imposing Medieval costume illustration for this 1956 perfume advert.