Dashing Dance Dress Designs

Dance dress designs to show up in a crowded room were the desire of fashion dancers in the early 1900’s, some quite stunning and fun to look back on just now,  as many parties are being planned for the new winter season.

Dance Dress Designs
Artist George Barbier – Le Tango



Dance Dress Designs
Noel 1912 – Artist E. Touraine

This print was found in the fashion journal Femina Noel, the heading Les Danses Modernes.

Going back in time on the streets of France to 1896, merry dancers took to the streets in the evenings to mark special days.  I found this print in the old hard backed book called Les Annales, July to December, 1896.  So things have not changed much Paris is alive at night with music, dance and social meetings.

Dance Dress Designs
Merry Dancing in the street 1896

The figures dancing in this print I have enlarged to show the fine detail of the street costumes.  These monks look as if they are saying (heaven help us!  look at this, whatever next).

Dance Dress Designs zoom
Panurge en Liesse Artist: Jules Garnier 1896

Are striped leggings tres chic and would you wear them?