Medieval Costumes and Castle prints

 Medieval Costumes and Castle Prints 15th & 16th Century

Medieval Costumes Albrecht Durer
Artist Albrecht Durer 1500’s

This print is by the Artist Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)

It  is questionable where the middle ages began and ended, but here are some medieval costumes. These images are from early times, collected on the ground  while delving around ancient castles and street markets in the once semi-remote region of south western France.  When visiting these distant villages and small towns it is difficult not to acquire a sense of awe, at the history of the architecture of the buildings, churches, Bastide village street layouts and the ambiance of the culture still remaining today.

Medieval Chateaux
Medieval Chateaux

From the middle ages onwards, it is tempting not to include any costume images that I find up to  the  l8th century,  which is beyond this Medieval period, because more images may be available in this era.  My limited but rare collection is formed in France with it’s many regions of mystic charisma and all things of great antiquity.  Such villages all have castles,  which is a good place to start for there individuality.

Medieval Castle
Medieval Castle France

This charming image is a drawing with a Castle in the background and has its own story to imagine. The lady’s gown is bright blue with contrasting coloured accessories.  Cut long and full of a thick textured cloth to keep her warm in the windy parts of her home.

Medieval print
Costumes of France

(Found January 2013 France).   All throughout Europe many costume designs have been found and recorded in some really fabulous books, old and new.

Near the ancient Duras Castle, in south-western France, buried beneath mounds of paperwork hid the improbable find of some printed book pages. The prints are from  an  unknown  antique book publication .  Oh what fabulous records of  l5th/16th century medieval   costumes  found in a sunny street market one Sunday morning.  Duras is situated on a high elevated hill position overlooking rolling French countryside. The castle has some steep steps winding upwards to the village streets above, through some very attractive gardens and vegetation along the way.  I prefer this route on foot, rather than driving to the top and finding  a  car park.

Three Medieval men
Castle costumes

Gentlemen… well here is inspiration for the costumes of real Cavalier’s.   For ladies….  huge  cone shaped  hats called the Hennin. 

15th Century costume
15th Century costume

At the bottom of these dresses was a wide band of fur to weight the skirt down.   In contrast the gown above has very narrow sleeves, whereas the image below has very wide draped over-sleeves, both being equally incredible.

Court Costume

Court Costume


Medieval crown
Wimple & crown of a noble woman Flanders 14th century


Medieval headdress
Headress. Hennin with veil 15th century



Medieval templar headdress
Templar headdress and vei1 15th Century


Edgar Maxence medieval
Artist: Edgar Maxence



Hennin headdress with wimple & veil 1450


Medieval painting
Italian influence painting fragment by Edgar Maxence

Artist Edgar Maxence (1871-1954)  

His work reflects the the influence of the Italian Rossetti, is mythological, highly detailed and distinctive of the  XV  Century. Many of his paintings are characterized  by often elaborate and theatrical staging and richly coloured.  His portraits are fine especially those depicting children and women.

Medieval Tunic
Medieval Tunic


So captivating and memorable are the Medieval period costumes that even the children wanted to dress up in them for Fancy Dress Fetes.  This little boy would stand out in a crowd and his costume is true to the early Cavaliers in the print  above. The undated print is from the Journal des Demoiselles and later than the actual Medieval period.

Theatre and film productions can use these designs but the cost to reproduce such elaborate costumes is high.  (I just love his boots)!

Fancy Dress Chavalier
Childrens fancy dress costumes




Costum ball
1970 Costumes for a Ball


Extract Sleeve 1870
Extract Sleeve detail 1870


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