1881 – Charity print found in France

1881 – Charity Print surfaces in France

Sunday 16th June, 2013, I found this historical amazing black and white illustration inside La Monde Illustree’ Journal Hebdomadaire.  – Directeur, M. Paul Dalloz and Secretaire M. Edouard Hubert.   Bureaux,  13 Quai Voltaire, Paris.  The 25th Year No. 1245. 5th February, 1881. , at a French village street market.   Upon inspection it is a rare scene captured by a known Artist/Illustrator  M.Gustave Janet signed in the left hand corner of the drawing. Born 1829.  I have not been able to find out when he died, or much else about this Artist, except a few fabulous fashion drawings and some illustrations. All of which are exceptional historical documents.

Strong visual images of this kind have not come my way often. Things have not changed so much as we think even intensifying in the ever ongoing need for countries of the world to consider how to raise enough by sales everywhere to aid the less fortunate.   This action was taken in Paris –  L’Association charitable des Femmes du monde- Le Magasin du venteau No 36 bis, du Boulevard Haussmain.  Ladies setting up a charity Association for selling antiques.  Collecting many artefacts’ of every kind from rich houses and establishments. porcelain, pottery, furniture, lamps, mirrors, garments, paintings, gold and silver! all made top prices for this ladies Association.

This descriptive print gives food for thought.  A story around this image, now that it has surfaced, needs to be written  and perhaps used by anyone wishing to promote their cause. So Ladies here lies an invitation a new blog subject?  Fashion & Charity.

Charity print
Paris L’Association Charitable des Femmes du monde. 1881


Larger View

Charity print larger view
Larger view