Biography of Robert Piguet, fashion designer

Robert Piguet was a Banker and a Shoe Designer for the Company Bally. In 1918 he moved to Paris the centre for new Designers giving him new opportunities. He had two brothers.

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Robert Piquet

Robert piquet

Robert Piguet – His first drawings were rejected by the House of Lanvin. Resolutely, he continued by himself and in 1920 he opened his own Dressmakers business helped by his brother who was a Lawyer. This did not continue, and he proceeded to work for Paul Poiret and John Redfern, Masters of their Trade. This must have greatly benefited his talent in design.

With more support from his family he set up his own Fashion House in 1933 in the Rue de Cique. This was managed by his brother George. A long and difficult journey was finally brought to fruition. Success enabled him to open a branch in London during 1936.

His Fashion House internal decoration was most unusual and striking, set in the era of Italian Palaces using heavy drapery. The ceilings were painted with colours of a cloudy sky.

Importantly, his minute attention to detail and his personal attention to his models dresses, attributed to his contribution to the history of fashions as depicted by this photograph.

Robert Piguet I

Robert Piguet I

1937- Drawing by Artist : Christian Berard.

1938 From the Fashion Journal Petit Echo de la Mode. Showing an evening gown surrounded by some hat trends of the day.

Robert Piguet I

1939 – Front Cover Journal Marie Clare. Photo by SAAD – Couleurs Lemaitre. HALLO! A fitted dark green dress with red inner scarf at the neck and matching red leather gloves. Fur accessories are a thick muff and hat. This is for September chilly weather.

Robert Piguet I

1939 – Fur Jacket over a dress. Description shown as: Elegante robe de lainage ecossais et veste de ragondin.

Robert Piquet Fashion Designer

1940 – Painting of a vibrant red check evening gown in a colourful background by the Artist: Christian Berard.

Robert Piguet Fashion Designer


Robert Piguet also was the specialist trainer behind some future World Leaders in the fashion industry, namely Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Givenchy, Boham, and Galanos.

Christian Dior was said to have quoted ~ “Robert Piguet taught me the virtues of SIMPLICITY through which TRUE ELEGANCE MUST COME.

Robert Piguet Label This completely describes the chic stylish lines known throughout the World as specifically French Design”.
WINTER 1940 – Big Storms are brewing here “not sure her coat is sufficient for this she looks alarmed!” Nonetheless, it’s a smart cut and an unusual colour.Robert Piguet Icon


The House of Robert Piguet’s day jacket & skirt for 1941 was a smart design. Evening fashions were also in great demand especially the most superb evening gowns designed using strong vivid colours.Robert Piguet Icon He married Mathile, who modelled for Fashion Journals. His Clients from France included some famous Film and Theatre Stars, who wore his dramatic clothes for their performances.1941 – A pale blue silk satin textile was used for this fitted long line jacket it was overlaid with black embroidery. A large bow was fitted to the back. The same material was used for her gloves.Robert Piguet IconIn 1944 ~ Robert Piquet became another Fashion House to branch into Perfumes, and two were developed, Bandit and Fracas 1944 – A rich luxurious velvet dark blue evening gown with a boat-shaped neckline infilled with tulle extending to the top of the sleeves.The French description is given here.

Robert Piguet Icon

Text enlargement of the above description:

Robert Piguet Icon


1947 A rare drawing of Robert piguet.

Robert Piguet Icon


1948 – Summer Special – A really elegant off the shoulder pretty dress, and dashing red long gloves to match her hair complete the picture.

Robert Piguet Icon



1948 – Night walk Artist: Benito.

Robert Piguet Icon

Robert Piguet continued his work until 1951 – retiring because of ill health.