La Haute Coiffure photographs Paris – 1950

La Haute Coiffure photographs August to December 1950

Enter an entirely new hair fashions decade, the 1950’s is so distinctive for it’s popularity of Hollywood Movie stars,  their glittering performances, stylish fashions and above all the most stunning hair styles, make an indelible mark on our memories of that time.

The influence of Hollywood’s famous movies:   Sunset Boulevard (1950) – An American in Paris (1951)- Singing in the Rain (1952) – Guys & Dolls (1955) – Gigi (1958) and many more, as well as the greatest female stars such as:  Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Marie Saint, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, Natalie Wood, Doris Day, Diana Dors, Jayne Russell, Shirley Maclaine, Bridgette Bardot, Sophia Loren, Susan Haywood.  They brought their total glamour icon image to the screens and the worlds fashion followers. London & Paris clicked on to the fashions with much enthusiasm.   All fashionable ladies wished to emulate the stars.   The Hair dressers held International competitions in Paris to find the finest expertise who could create that special look . The best were perhaps some of the names mentioned in these photographs.  This publication became a must for the Professionals, presenting the mood, it was showing hair fashions for the day and night.  Some other countries within Europe also adopted  similar versions as captured in the slightly different photos.

The new styles sprang up at events all over the cities.  This decade of  hair fashion seemed to linger on into the early 1960’s, mainly by an older generation who could not change, but they still looked grand and elegant. 

FC Aug 50

La Coiffure de Paris August 1950

TEXT: This was the photograph for the back cover of this  Hair style Journal.

Side view F C 1950

Side view detail is the back cover image above


Selections international

Top selections 1950

TEXT:  International competition entries –  Creation de BOURNHAUSER, SUISE. & Creation de LINTERMANS, BELGIQUE.  (Rare photos  by Pietro Chauffourier,  ROME).

Hair selections international

Creations for evenings


Softer setting

Softer setting

TEXT:   Coiffure largement ondulee, par GEORGE NOGAREDE, Paris, photo Studi Geiger.

double view softer look 50

Softer waves & curls for summer


Softer set instructions

Softer set instructions


Hollywood icon image 50

The Hollywood look in Paris 1950

 Text: Coiffure de Soire  Realisee sur creveux Courts, Par Serge, de la Maison LOUIS GERVAIS, Paris. 

Paris Evenings 50

December 1950 evening reflections

Text:  Beaue de demi-siecle, La Coiffure de Gala a ete Executes par Alexandre.  De La Maison ANTOINE, Paris.  

Noel 50

Noel 1950

TEXT:  L’ELEGANCE  – La Coiffure, tres originale est D’ALEXANDER, de la Maison  ANTOINE, Paris. 

Party Paris 50

Party Mood - Paris 1950

 TEXT:  Coiffure de Soiree,   Sur Cheveux Courts, Cre’e par HENRY PRE’VOST, Paris. 

Rene Rambaud 50

Rene Rambaud at work 1950


Rambaud at work larger view

Detailed view of Rene Rambaud


Wave Adv. 50

Wave Adv. Book by Rene Rambaud

 Champion of the World – George Font.

Winner celebration 1950

Winner celebration Paris 1950


Champions style 50

By Champion George Font 1950

Remember the Teddy Boy Quiff?  Look out ladies it might come back in trend this time for you!  Surrounded with curls.

Quiff side view 50

Side view of the Quiff

TEXT: Coiffure de Ville de GEORGE   FONT, Champion du Monde.  Member de L’Equipe de France quit a Triomphe’ a Rome.  Photo by Geiger.  (above).


Vitapointe was used by everyone 1950


Softer setting

Softer setting on demand


double view softer look 50

Double view of the softer look

TEXT:  Larger curls a softer set. by GEORGE NOGAREDE, Paris, photo Studio Greiger.

Softer set instructions

Softer set instructions


Dramatic Hair style for the Stage 

On stage hair

Stage gown and dramatic hair!

Text:   Une Tableau De Maitre?  Non, mais un Ensemble d’une ELEGANCE RARE, La Coiffure est de  PAUL ALBERT, Paris.

Stage hair close up

Stage hair style close up

 Text:  Cheveux, PLUMES, Rersille Harmonieusement assembles, ont permis a PAUL ALBERT. Paris De Composer cette REMARQUABLE Coffiure de Gala.

Late in the year they set the  hair TRENDS for 1951.  Here are some ideas if you wear a 50’s  vintage piece. These photos show a prediction of a much shorter shaped cut, making this new look contribute more business for the Hair Salons.


Prediction Eve 51

Prediction for 1951

 TEXT:  De KIJEVSKY, WINTERTHUR.  Photo by Geiger.

Predictions 51 Evening

Short wave prediction for 1951


Sharp short cut Paris Trend  51

This cut lives on in France -Trend for 1951

 TEXT:  By ANDRE FOUGARD, Paris Style prediction for 1951.

Hair by Pierre Rambalt

By Pierre Rambault

TEXT:  Coiffure de ville de PIERRE RAMBAULT,  Member de L’Equipe de France qui a Triomphe’ a Rome.

Long evening dresses

New year dresses for 1951

 TEXT:  Les Trois graces en 1951  De RAVISSANTS MANNEQUINS, Coiffure par (de Gauche a Droite) – Chatham, Serge.  De la Maison  LOUIS GERVAIS,  PHYRIS,  se sont obligamment pretes a cette, composition.    Photo by Geiger.  

Suited for 1951

Suited for 1951

TEXT:  Coiffure de Apres-Midi 1951 Sur Cheveux Courts,  Creation de AGG, Paris.  Photo by Geiger. 


Ideal Hair

Ideal stylish hair for 1951 afternoons in Paris

 TEXT:  Coiffure D’Apres Midi 1951. Par PAUL ALBERT, Paris.

  Are any of these exceptional Hair Dressers remembered?    

*** More 1951 hair style photographs are to come in our next blog soon. 



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