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About the prints to buy 1902 Mlle Brandes

1902 Mlle Brandes sitting at her desk

Creating new Giclee fine art fashion  prints to buy.

This unique  fashion “Prints to Buy”  collection is chosen for many reasons,  firstly their restoration was paramount because of their age and deterioration,  secondly they are fine fashion drawings and most importantly that they are preserved and brought to  life for everyone to enjoy.

A vast range of uses for these stunning prints comes to mind,  they would be ideal in particular for  home interior wall design, offices of every kind, guest apartments and houses,  shop  display areas and even exhibitions.  Students of  historical fashion design will be fascinated with the concept of some of the images which could be used in an updated modern context.

Explore our historical reference pages on Haut Couture Vintage Fashion designers for new images and facts, rare Fashion Houses, and Vintage accessories.

Paper Tree

Fine art quality paper

Paper Sizes available

  • A 3   297 x 420 mm  11.69 x 16.54 inches.
  • A 2   420 x 594 mm   16.54 x 23.39 inches.
  • A 1   594 x 841 mm   23.39 x 33.11 inches.

Our Gallery quality prints are using environmentally friendly/archival fine art paper. with a beautiful  textured finish which is especially suitable for art works and fine designs.

Shipping (International) & Postage within the U.K.     

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Schedule for Printing

Your exact order specifications will be individually printed & shipped  from the U.K.  and we will advise you exactly the date of its shipping to you.

For destinations within the U.K. the postage rate will be:  Euros 11.00

For all other destinations the shipping will be: Euros 25.00

We aim to have a fast efficient service to all our customers and will be in constant contact with you.

We use secure Paypal online ordering.

Giclee Printing method – Giclee is a french term meaning to spray or squirt. Special digital printers are used to produce prints of the utmost calibre which are now appearing in the finest galleries and museums around the world due to there archival properties.

No screen, or other mechanical devices are used in this printing, there is no visible dot screen pattern, and the image has all the tonalities and hues of the original. The prints have an extremely high resolution and a large dynamic colour range, also the inks used are archival.

This printing method is particularly suitable for the fine detail required in the costume designs, and portraits. Textures are realistically mimicked for delicate lace, embroidery, satin, velvet, brocade, and fur.


Colour Prints to buy

Colour Printing at it's best



About the colour prints   

Original Coloured Antique Fashion Plates are extremely attractive, and because of there  popularity over the century by Collector’s around the world they have now become nearly extinct!  Many we have collected are from  the late 1800′s.

The innovative creator’s of the Fashion Journals of PARIS, began to recognise the benefits of displaying Illustrator’s hand coloured fine drawings as individual fashion plates, to be given away with their editions.

They could be used decoratively, or for designers to show their clients new gowns.  Talented Artists and Illustrators works became much sort after increasing their notoriety throughtout France.




A past record of Print Editions


Femina - Wonderful hats 1909

1909 Hats


About the past Editions Heads & Hats fashion prints.

An extraordinary diversity of design has been given to us in the shape of HATS, from the past to the present.  Hats greatly influenced the way hair styles were created and adapted by the ladies of the day.  Paintings, illustrations and photographs appeared in profusion, in all the Paris Journals, capturing events and advertising changing trends. Especially captivating, were the portraits showing much fine detail, together with elaborately designed decorative hats, making the whole effect a social statement, and showing glamorous fashion images.  Headtotoefashionart presents the best of SHOW!

Paris Journal front cover

Paris Journal front cover

The past Editions Paris Front Cover Journals.

Many different editions of Paris Fashion Journals have been collected and we have chosen the most stunning front covers to  restore and print.  Authentication of its date, Publisher, and the features for the internal pages are shown. Also some have the actual descriptions of the textiles used for the gowns, or hats included.


The print colours have been matched as near as possible to the original intentions of the Publishers.   The strong colours available today were not achievable in the early part of the 20th century.  Often the paper was of a very delicate, or poor quality and is subject to much deterioration through time.   To preserve and show these images is an exciting project  We shall  continually add more.

1835 - Antique Prints

headtotoefashionart collection


About the black & white prints to buy (past editions).

The advantage of a black & white print is that it accentuates a beautiful contrasting quality between dark and light tones and sometimes shows more depth of detail within the design drawing, making it particilarly suitable for many display purposes.  For homes, the office, the studio, for an Exhibition of feminine history, for vintage clothing stores for fashion shop displays, for world designers of every kind, including film and Telelvision production.   Also for research for College Fashion Students and Teachers.      

If you require any further assistance for additional information regarding the prints to buy we welcome your requests, and please  use our contact page.