Fashion Artists & Illustrators

Fashion Artists & Illustrators works for sensational new designs of the future.

Futuristic ideas for fashion design is a rare and distinctive talent.  Fine meticulous drawings and artwork are required showing accurate depiction of the style.  It is most important  to capture a spontaneous flair and imagination to the culture, age of the moment and not forgetting the past.   Sounds a tall order, but I hope to show some extremely talented new up and coming Designers of our times.

Kaloyan Ivanov new

Kaloyan Ivanov

One such new Artist is Kaloyan Ivanov  a rare and unusual talented fashion visionary.  

His designs embody a character dominating the XVII-th, XVIII-th and XIX-th centuries French and English Royal Courts and movements, animated and saturated by a spirit of flamboyant affection, devotion and dignity.





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  Conceptual & Historic Costume

 Madrigals of Majesty 

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K I  2


 Art Deco

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K I  4  xx


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Great fashion Artists from the past for reflection.  

France was the leading exponent of fashion design. These artists’ works inspired many leading fashion designers of the 19th & 20th century. From our ART explorations Headtotoefashionart gives an insight into fashions of our past.  Headtotoefashionart’s favourite Artists and Illustrators, are listed with their dates. Many of them concentrated on the female portrait, and some were depicting models wearing the fashions of the day.

This list is a fascinating record of important Artists to be remembered and it could be used for student research. The paintings shown on this page are from our Fashion Journal collection and are for information and reference only. We will continually change these six images.

List of Artists and Illustrators

Louise Abbema 1858-1927 Gavani (Sulpice Guillaume Chevalier) 1801-1866
Leon Bakst (Lev Samoilovich Rosenberg, Russian) 1866-1924 René Gruau 1909-2004
George Barbier 1882-1932 Jean-Baptiste Gruze 1725-1805
Christian Berard 1902-1949 Albert Guillaume 1873-1942
Marcel Andre Bashett 1862-1941 Mirko Hanak (Czech) 1921-1972
Jules Bastien-Lepage 1848-1884 Paul Helleu 1859-1927
Charles Baude (engraver) 1853-1928 Paul Iribe 1883-1935
Alexander Benois 1870-1960 Serge Ivanoff (Russian) 1893-1983
Cypren Boulet 1877-1927 Gustave Janet 1829- ?
Francois Boucher 1703-1770 William Laparra 1873-1920
Dagen Bouvert 1852-1929 Marie Laurencin 1883-1956
Pierre Brissard 1885-1964 Albert Paul Laurens 1870-1934
Pierre Andre Brouillert 1857-1914 Maurice Leloir 1851-1940
Ulysses Caputo (Italian) 1872-1948 Rene Lelong 1895-1930
Antone Calbert 1860-1944 George Lepape 1887-1971
Pierre Carrier-Belleuse 1851-1932 Andre Edouard Marty 1882-1974
Paul Chabas 1869-1937 Edgar Maxence 1871-1954
Charles Chaplin 1825-1891 Jules Alexis Muenier 1869-1947
Jules David 1843-1892 Charles Martin  1884-1934
Jean Gabriel Domnergue 1889-1962 Laurie Noel 1827- ?
Edmund Dulac 1882-1953 Simon A Puget ? – ?
Paul M. Dupuy 1869-1949 Alexander Rzewuski 1893-1983
Adrien Etienne Drian 1885-1967 Louis Remy Sabattier 1863-1935
Erte (Romain de Tiroff, Russian) 1892-1990 Adolf Karl Sandoz (Ukrainian/Polish) 1845 – ?
Francis Flemeng 1856-1923 Abel Anais Tondouze 1822-1899
Frederick Carl Frieseke (American)

Artists Image Gallery

1874-1939 Jean Joseph Weerts (Belgian)1846-1927