Ballet & Theatre (reference page)

This page is in dedication to my Ballet Teacher Miss Iris Brooks, I.S.T.D. who took me to my first live Ballet performance.

A Grand Performance
A Grand Performance – 1879

These ladies    were about to view a grand performance of Ballet, Theatre, or Music, but  which ever it was they looked great themselves and probably gained many admiring glances.

Even older is a similar view of ladies at the Theatre 1857.

Theatre dresses
In the Theatre box passing her glasses.

Ballet & Theatre vintage costume prints have been collected in France over many years and are archived today July 2012.

  • Arriving at the Paris Opera
La Mode Jolie
Arriving at the Paris Opera

From: La Mode Jolie  –  34 Rue Magazine, Paris.  At the bottom of this print it mentions the Perfume Gurlain. and the designs by Mm. Peletier-Vidal, of 17, rue Duphot, Paris.  This is an unknown designer and is one of the earliest Fashion Designer establishments of it’s time. (late 1800’s). A theatre coat and gown of rich elegant textures and trimmings and a stunning pink and black velvet style with both the models back views entering the staircase.

  • Looking back to some early Ballet costmes: 

    Ballet costume
    A Ballet theme of the sea!

This image may have inspired the Sonnet written by Edgar Degas.

Toute et la dessin plein de la’ grace sevante. Une danseurse l’a, lasse comme Atalante:  Tradition sereine, impenetrable aux fous. 

Ballet costume
Ballet costume, the theme of the sea

Ballets to entertain King Louis XIII  in France.

Ballet costume
Dance with Spanish influence
Ballet Costume 1704
Mlle. Subligny
Ballet pair
painting by May Neama


Ballet costume
Watercolour by May Neama


1850 Ballet costume


1967 The two Pigeons Ballet costume



Costume from a Ballet production of The teo Pidgeons – watercolour by May Neama


Mlle. Guimard
Ballet and masked Ball Gown

A great dancer during 1860’s  Her dress was probably used on stage, and  as a ball gown. This Lithograph was engraved by Eugene Gervais  after a painting by Francois Boucher.  Printed by Chardon  This Lithograph was found as an individual print on a market stall slightly dusty but not in bad condition for it’s age!