Vintage fashion adverts

Vintage fashion adverts, 20th century Vintage Fashion Adverts/French Journal Publicity – Every conceivable feminine product was advertised in the most prominent fashion publications throughout France. Many were so attractive in design, they now give a feeling of great nostalgia and we wonder whatever happened to the products and the Companies who made them, some I would … Continued

The vintage long green dress ~ 1817

This early vintage long green dress is so dramatic !  Vintage Long Green Dress – The image is dated 1817 and has a bonnet iusuing the same textiles, finishing with curled feathers.     Vintage Long Green Dress – Tall you would have to be to wear something like this, but oh, so warm and … Continued

Fashion Shapes 1950s

Dress and coat shapes – 1950s   Vintage Fashion Shapes 1950’s winter dress and coat shapes may be hard to find, so help is at hand to find the right shape and authentic look on your shopping search this year for a near high street match! These images  were feature front covers from the time … Continued

Film music giant – Erich Korngold

 Film Music Giant – Erich Korngold   Film Music and Costumes on set are related in a big way particularly so in this Composer’s repertoire. He was born in l897. His was a child prodigy and was writing music by the age of 12. He had a remarkable facility for writing magnificent melody. He was … Continued

Latest Keyboard experience

The French Latest Keyboard experience hits Paris with a boom!     New employment took off for young ladies of experience. The Secretary became invaluable.  Special teaching was required on how to type on this metal contraption!  The delightful record of this is captured in some original phototgraphs in a Femina book dated 1902   … Continued