Miniature Ladies Portrait Paintings

Miniature Ladies Portrait Paintings Highly practical was the idea of the Miniature Ladies paintings, for the noble ladies of the 16th – 18th Century, and even long before this time. The equivalent if you like to the current Social Media exchange photographs sent to just about everyone we know today. Archive Gallery of Miniature Ladies … Continued

Summer Best Dresses of 76

Summer Best Dresses of 76 Remembered One of the hottest Summers ever recorded was  in 1976.  Do you remember these divine dresses?  well this may jog the coolest memories of some floating visions!  Some by designers we know and some are not so well known. They certainly went to town with their designs that year, … Continued

Victorian Volumineuses des Vetements

Victorian Volumineuses Crinoline’s    France was ruled by Louis-Philippe .the last king  and then Napoleon III who was the last monarch.   On the other side of the channel was the young Queen Victoria.    Something in common that ruled was the mode of dress. The dimensions Volumineuses – (signifies the principles of Elegance). By … Continued