Racecourse Fashions – 1920’s

Racecourse Fashions – France – 1920’s My “Vintage Racecourse Fashions. This collection has evolved in France over a long time and I was recently spurred on by an expert in the field of racing events and fashions  Briana Mott, from Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A. with her discussion on the subject of Fashion & Horse Racing. This … Continued

1881 – Charity print found in France

1881 – Charity Print surfaces in France Sunday 16th June, 2013, I found this historical amazing black and white illustration inside La Monde Illustree’ Journal Hebdomadaire.  – Directeur, M. Paul Dalloz and Secretaire M. Edouard Hubert.   Bureaux,  13 Quai Voltaire, Paris.  The 25th Year No. 1245. 5th February, 1881. , at a French village street … Continued