Fashion improvisation in the 1940s SPATS

The Fashion of SPATS – in 1941 This adaptable stylish shoe article in a French fashion publication has prompted me to share this idea from 194. The illustrations are self-explanatory and the patterns are a rare find, they are useful and show a classic elegance to add to feminine shoe. Ladies were so clever in improvising … Continued

China Miniature Shoe Collection

  China Minature Shoe Collection Comments. Thousands of years ago shoes have been found in Egyptian tombs made from pottery. Earlier in the 17th Century, skilled craftsmen created miniature shoes too. In the United Kingdom, the manufacturer Spode produced shoes that could be used as desk inkwells. China, Porcelain and Pottery China Miniature Shoes, & Boots … Continued

Christmas Greetings 2017

   Happy Christmas Greetings 2017 A big thank you with a rare Noel image from Les Annales 1895! We would like to thank everyone throughout the world for so much support for our vintage fashion website, and for the thousands of clicks received! Google tells us that nearly every country/continent on the globe has … Continued

Classic Coats 1920’s – Autumn/Winter

Classic Coats 1920’s Paris Autumn/Winter Classic coats that never date are practical if the style is correct for you and it is an adored purchase, on the other hand a new one is always an exciting prospect.  Planning a new look, choosing the colour, seeing the latest trends all give us an enormous uplift to … Continued

Vintage Hair photographs Paris – 1950

Vintage Hair Photographs – La Haute Coiffure August to December 1950 Vintage Hair Photographs – Enter an entirely new hair fashions decade, the 1950’s is so distinctive for it’s popularity of Hollywood Movie stars,  their glittering performances, stylish fashions and above all the most stunning hair styles, make an indelible mark on our memories of … Continued