Christian Dior ~ 1905-1957

Biography of Christian Dior, perfume/fashion designer.

Christain Dior was known for his perfume brands, however this was  not his only forte as his real genius was to create original haute couture designs.

Here is a short Christain Dior biography packed with some of his rare designs and photographs.

Christian Dior was born in Normandy in 1905 and died in Italy on the 24th October, 1957.  Latest Entry see bottom of the page YELLOW DRESS   17.4.13 Read more ↓

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In 1928  he opened an Art Gallery on the Rue de la Boetie with a friend Jacques Bonjean which launched his name.

During 1931 ~ his adored mother died, and his brother and family were financially ruined. He visited Russia and on his return found that his partner Bonjean was also ruined. He became seriously ill and left Paris, returning a year later in 1935.

Another friend Jean Ozenne gave him a place to stay and he began sketching dresses and hats. He started to sell them and in 1938 his friend Robert Piquet opened a fashion house, and Dior took his first job as a designer.

Dior returned to Paris in 1941 after a short time as a soldier.  He later joined Lucien Lelong as a designer. He was happy here as he could design more, or less, as he pleased and could stay in the back-ground as he was painfully shy.

In 1946 ~ he started his own Fashion House. Marcel Broussac a Cotton Businessman, backed Christian with his own Salon and poured millions into the business at the address of 30, Ave, Montaighe, Paris.

The first collection was on the 12th February 1947, showing 90 designs. He wanted to bring back beauty, soft rounded shapes, full flowing skirts, nipped-in waists and hemlines below the knees. He called it “Corolle”, or ring of petals. “The New Look”.

February 1947 – was the launch of the “New Look”… and in December of that year he launched his first perfume called Miss Dior. The English Government asked women to boycott this “New Look”, but they did not succumb to any threats, and went out and bought his new designs. He sold his designs to the Queen and Princess Margaret, and achieved the public’s seal of approval. After this, he very soon had America under his spell and the rest of the world followed, all clamouring for his vast range of classic styles.

Christian Dior gave prestigious high profile Fashion Shows in Paris with massive publicity, using famous Fashion Models, complete with precision photography in Fashion Magazines and Top Journals flying around the World. His unforgettable perfumes have brought the name of Dior to every woman, still living today.

Christian Dior

Artist: Benito


1948 – A quirky red cape jacket black long skirt drawn by Artist: Eduardo Garcia Benito.

1948 –  Artist: Rene Gruau paints an evening dress with a very full pink skirt a design signature of Dior.


1948 – Christian Dior by Rene Gruau

Front Cover Journal – Mode et Travaux, 1949.

A white evening gown by Dior with the illustration by Artist: Pierre Mourgue.

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1949 White evening gown by Dior.

In 1954 Christian Dior shows us the “H” Line” shaped design, and in 1955 he brings us the “A and Y Lines”. A rare photograph of Christian Dior admiring his model and carefully checking his design.

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1957 – Checking his design

1957 Dior’s choice of evening shoes. Red satin with a gold buckle by Roger Viviers, and a black mule.

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Christian Dior Satin shoes 1957

Read more top right ↱ The House of Dior carried on and this photo was taken in 1962 –The check tailored top is belted at the hips creating  a smart look worn with a slimline skirt.

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Check tailored top 1962

Photo – A Floppy Straw hat completes this vibrant image for Springtime. 1962.

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1962 Springtime Yellow with white gloves.

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Palest green Evening Gown

Si la robe precedents evoquait bien une torche en feu, celle-ci evoque une source par son coloris tendre, sa broderie scintillant. La Mouseseline legere est de Bianchini-Ferier. (1962).

Photo 1962 – The SIXTIES SPOTS are all the fashion rage. Textile Advert.

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1962 – Black & White Spots.

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Perfume Advert

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Fashion House Label

Artist: Rene Gruau was a close friend and associate with Christian Dior and his works were recently shown at an exhibition in London dedicated to the art he created in respect of Fashion designs. Some new and talented Artists were invited to paint with the inspiration of Rene Gruau in mind. It was called Dior Illustrated – Rene Gruau & The Line of Beauty

Latest entry 17.4.2013.  Yellow dress  1976.

DIOR  1976

Summer yellow dress.

Dioir larger view

larger view

The Fashion House of Dior stays with yellow!