Three Fancy Dress Costumes ~ La Mode Illustree

Three fancy dress costumes - Designs by Madame Bréant Castel 1877
Three fancy dress costumes - Designs by Madame Bréant Castel 1877
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Three fancy dress costumes - Designs by Madame Bréant Castel 1877
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Print by the famous Illustrator Adel Anais Tondouze (1822-1899)

La Mode Illustrée commenced publication in 1860. This is a rare print which was individually collected for its most interesting costume collection.  Showing three dress designs, probably mother and  her daughters, worn for a fancy dress grand occasion. The portraits are this distinguished Fashion Artist at her very best.  Nostalgically, this print reminds us how young ladies can look.

1. A regal dress design with an elaborate high collar and rushed sleeves.  Exquisite detail is drawn, showing the textures to this fine evening gown.  The colour of the gown is a pale green/yellow, with a white collar and underskirt.

2. The middle girl is wearing a red jacket resembling the hunting scene, with a rich blue draped skirt.  Completing the style with a hat and boots.

3. The oldest girl has a pink silk dress with fine black fringing and ribbons.

Origin: Paris.

Date: 1877.

Artists: Signature Reville and the famous Fashion Illustrator – Adel Anais Tondouze.

Designer: These are the designs of Mme Breant-Castle, who had a Fashion House in Paris.

Colour Quality: The rich coloured curtain and the background to this drawing are so complimentary to the whole picture.  Bright strong colours mixed with soft tones. Creating a new Giclee fine art print, restored from original print to a fine art gallery standard with no blemishes.

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