Jeanne Paquin ~ 1869-1936

Biography of Jeanne Paquin, fashion designer

Jeanne Paquin was born in Saint Denis, Paris. Jeanne’s first specialist training commenced as a dressmaker at a Fashion House of Rouff, and in 1891 she opened her own. She was then Jeanne Beckers. The Address was Rue de la Paix in Paris.  (New pic added 28 June 2914 –  dated 1914)Read more ↓

Rare portrait of Jeanne Paquin.

Her husband was known as Isidore Jacobs, an astute businessman. A very rare Photograph was taken of a young Jeanne Paquin for the promotion of this Corset Advertisement during the late 1800′s. This confirms that she became the Vice Presidente de la Chambre Syndicate de la Couture.

In 1896 Maison Paquin took some English Partners and opened in London.

1900 – She was made the President of the Fashion Section of the Paris Universal International Exhibition and showed spectacular evening gowns, modelling some of them herself. She used pastel colours in a very feminine way for her evening gowns, and was soon identified by smart styling in her tailored clothes.

One of her most important assets was the fact that she knew how to market her Fashion House in interesting ways, showing off her model’s in a vast number of Paris Events.

She became connected with many Artists of the day including Leon Bakst, George Barbier, George Lepape and Paul Iribe. They all inspired one another in the quest for excellence.

Jeanne was known also to have drawn some Fashion Plates, however we have not seen any to date. Jeanne Paquin was the first Parisian Couturier to open foreign branches in London, Buenos Aires and Madrid. Many important Fashion Journals promoted Jeanne Paquin’s designs with drawings, colour plates and photography. Modes & Travaux, La Mode Illustee, L’Illustration and Les Modes are a few.

Now comes an unusual photo found by chance and siezed upon. In this photograph of her in 1911, it shows her strong commitment to the World of Women in the Arts. The Lady herself is seated just left of centre in the tilted large hat, and this has been enlarged below.

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L’Association feminine La Francaise.

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Extract from above photo, Jeanne Paquin

Latest Updates  July 2012.    1911  –  Another President at the time of  Jeanne Paquin.:


Another President at the same time as Paquin


This gentleman seems to also be in the above photo sitting right of Jeanne Paquin.

Original text in French below:

Paquin   President  Clement

Verification text for President


Photo from Le Illustration.  (printed in 1924).

Nr Paquin

PARIS – 1911


 A beautiful image of an earlier date:

1902 -This romantic gown in pale blue was worn for the evening Theatre, and is a photograph still in strong colours. This we found in a book that was slung on the ground in a box at 6.30. a.m. one morning and it was pouring with heavy rain. (2009). The book was dated 1909.

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1902 Rare design by Jeanne Paquin

1907 – Launched a line called Impero range, creating a Kimono style cape. Inspiration also came from her interest in Japan. We found a dress with this influence later on and it is shown below. 1912 – An evening Dinner gown cleverly overlayered with lace was from La Mode Ilustree. Perhaps she is catching up on the latest fashion news!

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1912 Robe de Diner de Paquin.

 New PHOTO added dated 2014.

This original shows the style of hip drapes for the skirt of this dress which was used at the time.

PAQUIN  4 April 1914

Paquin   photograph 1913

Paquin – Chevalier de le Legion D’Honneur 1913


This is an excellent old photograph of Jeanne Paquin in an elegaint setting.

1917-1919 Jeanne was the President for the Chambre Syndicate de la Haute Couture. Earlier she was the Vice President. 1919 – Winding sashes to great effect on a simple long dress, almost oriental in style.

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1919 Oriental style by Jeanne Paquin.

Jeanne Paquin had strong connections with Maggy Rouff and was a great influence upon this famous Designer. They must have enjoyed each others fabulous drawings and ideas.

 Latest Photo found July 2012...


Printed in 1924 L’Illustree

1938  A historical reference describing the Paris address and luxurious interior of the Fashion House was: It had lots of reflective mirrors so that the models dresses could be shown in all their splendour, a spectacular sight when they all decended the staircase in a cascade of colour.


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Maison Paquin: Address & new interior decor 1938


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1938 French text:

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Antique black lace samples of 1907,similar examples could have been useed by the House of Paquin in later original dress designs.

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Antique lace flower bands 1907.

More news with lots of interesting snippets and a line drawing of Jeanne Paquin’s Daughter.

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Jeanne Paquin’s Daughter

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Latest news on Maison Paquin 1938

A design of distinction giving a really strong impact of high sophistication this strawberry crushed pink coat and dress complete with long black gloves and an amazing hat, convey stylish times – 1940. Artist – Serge Ivanoff.


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1940 Artist: Serge Ivanoff

A smart Chocolate brown Town Suit with large accentuated fur collar and muff to hide away from gazes! 1940. Front Cover Journal Modes & Travaux.

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I can’t see out! 1940

1940 A Fabulous fashion photo shoot! this very full skirt is all lace.

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The Fashion House continued to be run by numerous designers – one being Madeline Wallis a fur specialist. Many were Spanish. 1945 Artist: Christian Berard illustrated this Perfume Advert for the House of Paquin.

Louison Libertin relaunched two Paquin perfumes in 2010.  The original perfumes were “Ever After and 9 x 9”

News Edit April 2012 by .

This original Perfume publicity containing photos and prices below were found by us in Bergerac, France on 2nd April, 2012, and could be from the period 1930’s. The fashion branch Paquin opened in Buenos Aires in 1912, in Madrid in 1914,  and earlier London in 1896.  This Publicity was produced in Paris and intended for that export market.   They are presented in a beautiful textured thick paper folder, bound with a corded tassle, bearing  gold lettering PAQUIN and above is a raised crest pattern. Along the bottom edge it gives the different places where they could currently be bought, Londres & Buenos Aires.  The most interesting information was found on delicate tissue paper where the prices in old francs were typed. These prices were for the export market  It is quite amazing that this fine tissue paper has survived between the photographs contained in the folder.  The exact date date during the 1930’s is to be verified.  See detailed photo’s below:


Paquin Perfume Catelogue

Perfume Publicity Photo’s & Prices ~ Londres & Buenos Aires


PAQUIN Perfume First Publicity photograph - 1920/30's.

Paquin Perfume Photo

Paquin Perfume Selections

Beautiful Packaging for selections of PerfumesEspoir and 9 x 9


Paquin Luxury Packaging ~~ Perfume ESPOIR & 9x9

Espoir and 9 x 9


Paquin Perfume Flacons

Paquin Perfume Flacons ~~ 9×9 – Lavande – Ever After


Paquin Perfume Prices

Catalogue Price List for Export Market




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Artist: Christian Berard – Perfumes de Paquin.

Perfume Advert by Christian Berard.

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1945 Artist: Christian Berard

Fashion House Label

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1956 –  They  finally closed.