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Blog, Links, Vintage fashion shopping

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Paul Poiret photo  found  Aged 10 years  Just loaded & more!!

Fashion Icon: John Redfern -  We have just found a rare photo dated 1905. Entered at the bottom of his page. Showing his elegant evening gowns.New colourful print of four theatre costumes found in restoration and reprint stages. Will be ready for New Year first image for 2012!

David Bechoff  News new rare colour image found.

Coming Soon;  see Historical Menus of the 19th century on our Accessories page taken from French Chateaux.,  also  a Wedding Menu for Maggy Rouff’s Daughter’s Wedding Day!Jeanne Paquin Vintage Fashion Designer –  Original perfume photos foumd – preparing to load to the Paquin page – Great copy!



August 2012  - Vintage  Fashion Shopping can be found in the most remote villages of France.  One such lucky find was early in a  Sunday  market.  Wait for this a new blog is needed to describe these stunning garments!

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