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28th August  –  I have just started collecting French regional vintage costumes for my article in the Blog pages and have great pleasure in showing the first one of three costumes for a Wedding held in Bretagne, France.  I have just found some wonderful watercolours of costumes in Alcase and will load them later today.!

1st August 2012 –  World Musical Quotes gets top hits// Secret sayings to charm ladies at the Opera House-Paris.  Tips on Classical Mucial recordings and rare French Composers all in Additional informationn…..  Also latest Vintage Wedding gowns reference pages.

Past entries:

5th July 2012 – The latest Top Blog page: We have just added to our Links a new charming site, with a fantastic Blog page.  It has a brilliant idea: Showing how expensive gowns can have equivalent  vintage ones to  buy/look alike garments at very reasonable prices can be found which are so effective for today’s new look.  Vintage Shoes, and even Find Out How Men are included in a special feature.   A must visit site and thank you Bailey. Bonfire Vintage.

19th June  –  Newly entered collection by the house of NINA  RICCI  Fantastic Suits, Coat, hats, gloves, dresses and long evening gowns.  1962 Perfume adv.

Redfern – We have just found a rare photo dated 1905. Entered at the bottom of his page. Showing his elegant evening gowns. New colourful print of four theatre costumes found in restoration and reprint stages. Will be ready for New Year first image for 2012!

David Bechoff News new rare colour image found.  MORE  Bechoff designs coming soon!!

Wedding Menu for Maggy Rouff’s Daughter’s Wedding Day! Two pages for Maggy!

Jeanne Paquin Vintage Fashion Designer –  Original perfume photos found – preparing to load to the Paquin page – Great copy!

Early Fashion  Houses –  Fashions Now  19th  JUNE  loaded in our new amazing slide show-  Early Vintage 19th century .  omments on this are welcome.

Vintage shops in Paris needed to be very prominent in days past and especially now. Picking up dresses like these would be rare.  Anyway where could they be worn so lets just dream how they must have looked.  Inspiration comes from old styles and adapted for unusual new trends.


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