Winter’s on its way! Vintage fashions

Winter’s on it’s way! Watching Vintage fashions 

I found this recently and thought immediately Winter’s on its way, and what will it bring this time round.  The trees are beginning to turn and shed their leafy green. Fashions for this time of the year I adore – new and old combined they give an inner glow and warmth and above all a good lift to the spirits!  Especially to throw out the shorts and tops we are fed up with.

This gorgeous purple suit is a magnificent image complete with its back view drawing.   Hope you like it as much as I do?

Blog designer - Francis

Winter warmth

The details are: The Fashion Plate is from La Femme Chic.  And named, Toilette d’apres midi.   Creation de Francis.   (Printer:  J.Bas. Imp, Paris)

A long fitted jacket shaped with fur edgings to the collar body and cuffs, over a long straight skirt buttoned down the front and split at one side.   Edged with a wide band to the front edge.   An imposing large banded fur muff and a round hat with a tall pleated top. My scan could not quite reach the top of the point to this and I have just missed her shoes from the bottom.  The textile used looks like a fine wool or even a velvet. A high necked under blouse of lace is very effective giving a softer look to a strong image.

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