Summer Best Dresses of 76

Summer Best Dresses of 76 Remembered

One of the hottest Summers ever recorded was  in 1976.  Do you remember these divine dresses?  well this may jog the coolest memories of some floating visions!  Some by designers we know and some are not so well known. They certainly went to town with their designs that year, many in blazing strong colours to match the temperature. Sunflower yellow, hot sunset pinks & reds, bright blues to match the sky, meadow green, and straw sandy browns. 

Fabrics were fine cotton, floating shears, and linens.   Head bands, straw hats with large brims decked with ribbons, lace, flowers and even jewels were worn to keep the sun at bay.  I must admit I had forgotten these hazy crazy hot days, or what exactly ladies were wearing, until I saw these amazing photographs in some French Couture fashion journals.  Hope you like them!  Summer Best Dresses of 76!

Look out for similar styles in your nearest Vintage Shop or online store.

Summer styles  76

Bright patterns & shaped necklines 76


Necklines  76

Necklines for 76

Robes du soir en mousseline –  (Silk/mousseline).  Right: The neckline is edged with many pearls and attractively keyhole cut at the back. The dress on the Left:  has a rushed top, edged with a frill, and this design is  also around the top of the arms. It has long split fabric from the sleeve, giving an elegant finish.    The designer is Paco Rabanne – Haute Couture. 

Hot traine

Design by Paco Rabanne


This straight dress, also in silk mousselin has a long train attached to the back of the collar sweeping around from the front of the dress.  Another view of this dress is below: 

Cape train dress

Design by Paco Rabanne

The French description for this dress is:  Robe longue en mousseline imprimee, relevee pour former une cape reteune autour du cou par des smocks.

Sheer white 76

Sheer white 1976


Sheer white larger 76

Larger view

French description of above:   Designer:  Jean-Louis Sherrer – robe em mousseline de Buche, rebrodee’ de perles. (broderies de Vermont).   Beautiful fine embroidery and pearls.

Double act 76

Luxurious styles



Double act bigger  76

Larger view

Description:  Left pink taffeta with tiny pleats and ruches.   Right: White Crepe Georgette embroidered with pearls, and lace frill.


Red and green 76

Red or Green?



RED and green larger

larger view

Designer:  Jeanne LANVIN – robes longues en mousseline de chez l’une drapee’ sur l’epaule, l’autre bustier.


Lanvin pink  76

ULTIMATE Best pink dress by LANVIN


Lanvin pink 76 arger

Larger view

Designer Jeanne LANVIN – robe en dentelle de Calais, corsage a bretelles et capecarree’ boutonnee’ sur les epaules.   Superb lace with silver shoes.


Bright Summer flowers 76

Bright summer flower design - LANVIN



Bright red dress enlargement

larger view

Designer Jeanne Lanvin –  Double gandoura longue a larges plis non repasse’s en mousseline imprime’e de Bianchini, decollete’ en V.

Large impact flower pattern in strong colour combinations

For more LANVIN designs see her Biography page under Fashion Designers. 

Summer Ice cream 76

Ice cream anyone?



Ice Cream

Summer garden party


Designer: Andre’ Courreges  – Robe dos nu en organza, corsage et jupe a volants retenus par des rangs de paillettes.

Inspirations from a Summer dress collection  1976     



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