Tea Time Fashion in the 1920’s

Tea Time fashion in the 1920’s

From this rare collection of endearing prints depicting ladies tea time fashions, it demonstrates a strong popularity of this necessary event throughout France during the 1920’s.  Nearly every year is represented from this unusual find. Especially interesting are the many different teapot shapes throughout this time. To focus on this I have zoomed in on the images to give a  enlarged view.  It looks like some could be coffee pots, it quite difficult to  tell.   Most dominant is the easy to identify attractive Art Deco angled teapots.  

Tea Time Dec 1920

December 1920


Morning  noon and night was probably the French times for taking tea, although now tea is served at any time.  At home it was served outside in a country garden, on the patio, beside a beautiful view, or set in a comfy room for visitors.   Organizing a tea time gathering was firstly easy to do..  Secondly, it was an opportunity to dress in the most impressive latest 1920 styles.   Not forgetting a hair re-vamp or, a new hat!.  Thirdly, creating a charming ambiance of tranquility with every sip of delicious refreshing flavours and aromas.  Perhaps tea varieties were more limited then contrasting from our huge range of unusual mixes in shops today.  Spices, herbs, flowers and fruits are a delight to our senses!

Tea Time 20 Jan 1924

20th January 1924


Tea Time 1st June 1924

1st June 1924

Tea Time 1st June 24  large

Tea/Coffee anyone?


Tea Time 13 July 1924

13th July 1924

Beside the lake.

Tea Time July 24 larger

July 1924


These fashion prints were prominently shown on the front covers of the journal Petit Echo de la Mode.  Mainly by an Illustrator known as Jenny. The centre pages  gave some beautiful embroidery designs for tea time mats for the table.  Time consuming to make, but the end result was very decorative.  Hand sewing was an art to impress house guests. Flowers, fruit, and even butterflies were sewn with many coloured satin threads. 

Tea Time 29 Nov 1925

29th November 1925

Tea Time 1925 laeger

An attractive pot shape.

Like the pot but not the fox!

Tea Time 15 Aug 1926

15th August 1926

Tea Time 1926 larger

Fruit table 1926

Tea Time 22 May 1927

22nd May 1927

Tea Time 1927 larger view

Classic French pot 1927

Art Deco 20 Nov 1927

20th November 1927

Tea Time 1927 larger a deco

Tea for two! 1927


Teapot cosies to keep in the warmth for longer are today an important part of the ceremony of taking tea. Antique ones may be hard to find, but today stunning hand knitted ones by:  Yvette Thompson, are a must have trend revival. Try her many different designs to suit your individual style.   Her web contact is:    folksy.com/shops/biskettblue    

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Tea Time 10 June 1928  grape vine

Under the Grape Vine 10th June 1928

Tea Time 1928 Grapes larger

Chocolate cookies..... .


Tea Time 1st Sept  1929

September Sitting 1929

Tea Time Sept 1929 larger

Flower design has arrived 1929


Tea Time 12th May 29

Angled pot -Art Deco 1929


Tea Time larger  12 May 1929

Art Deco Teapot

Long History Traditions:

In a time of crisis, reach for a sweet cup of strong tea.

The best traditional way to make a good cup of tea like mother’s say, is quote  “Tea leaves made in a warmed teapot are perfect”.  Teabags are good as well, and  take less time directly made into a mug or cup.  For a quick way it tastes better if infused in a teapot allowing the tea to mingle, however, don’t let the tea remain on the leaves too long as it tends to gain a stewed taste.

Another Tea Website to visit is http://www.tea.co.uk/the-home-of-tea-all-you-need-to-know-about-tea       Also See Link in our Links page under Websites we like.

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