La Haute Coiffure de Paris – 1949

La Haute Coiffure de Paris – 1949

This was a “journal professionnel” – for hair dressers and stylists full of imposing black and white photographs and details of events, questions,  instructions on the latest techniques, and advertisements.   Hair designs were styled using tight set curls, waves, and well defined cuts,  leaving enough length to have beautiful curls.  Smooth glossy sweeping crowns of hair were also much in vogue.  Lanol or Lanolin was a product for creating this effect and widely advertised . Vitapointe was another one described as rich, souple, brilliant and “solide”.

This Haute Coiffure collection may help create an authentic look for those serious ladies who are wearing 1950’s fashions, and wishing to have that special sumptuous glamorous element.  Enhancing any vintage fashion worn from this distinctive era.

~  1949  ~

JUNE 1949

Original cover June 1949 Paris


curls around the head 49

Curls all around


Hair curls around the head setting style

curl set instruction


Hair Looping locks for evening

Lovely looping locks for evening

Text reads:-  Coiffure Nouvelle pour la Ville, transformee pour le noir.  By Mirireille Dourlen – Paris.  Photo by Studio Geiger

Hair side sweeping style

Side sweeping style

Text reads:- Creation de Dion, 8e Prix – Photo Greiger

Hair brushed back

Hair brushed back

Text reads:- Creation de Pierre Raimbault, Champion de France.

Hair setting a trend

Butterfly decoration slide - setting the trend

An elegant Butterfly piece is set to the side and an up-swept curl at the side, makes an unusual hairstyle for 1949.  Text reads:- Creation de Roger Valery, 4e Prix. Photo by Greiger.

Hair with individual peaks

Curled quiffs forming individual peaks

Text reads:-  Creation de Roger Valery, 4e Prix.

In fashion trend

Day fashion trend

Text reads:- Creation Demi-flour, Coiffant jeune, de Marcel Lautier.  Photo by Greiger, Paris. 

Complicated curls

Complicated curls

Text reads:- Creation de Gombaud – Saintonge, Grand Prix. Photo by Greiger. 

Front view of hair style

Glamorous evening mode

 Text reads:-  Creation de Gombaud – Saintonge, Grand Prix.  Photo by Greiger.

Happy with this hair style

Happy days

Text reads:-  Creation de Pont, 6e Prix.  Photo by Greiger. 

Pearl slide Adv.

Pearl slide Adv.


Celebration stylish hair fashion

Celebration mood

Text reads:-  creation de Leaud, 10e Prix.  Photo by Greiger.

The 1949 hair fashions brought much more innovation than I expected to see for the times.  Especially the sophisticated and complicated different styles for the evenings.  Difficult to choose, every one is a winner!  

  Continuing post will cover 1950 – 1955,  with some more spectacular hair photography.     


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