Fashion of Le Follet (1)

Le Follet (1)
Two Crinolin gowns ~ 1859-1868
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Two Crinolin gowns ~ 1859-1868
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Fashion of Le Follet ~ Courrier des Salons, Journal des Modes, Paris.

They produced hand coloured fashion plates from 1829-1899  making them one of the most popular of there era. During the 1840s and 1860s all the best fashion illustrator’s worked for Le Follet, which also was one of the longest lived of all the fashion journals. It was among the most important of the mid-century fashion journals and no collection can be represented without a copy.

The Crinolin reached its greatest circumference in 1859 and started to wither in 1860. By 1868 younger ladies preferred the bustle.

Here are two Crinolins in all their extravagant splendour. The gowns were worn during the day and show an exceptional amount of design detail in the most subtle colours. The brown gown is edged in velvet with long waist ties. Fine white full sleeves show from the blouse beneath. The green gown has layers of rushed frills around the skirt and has the most wonderful full coat edged with a wide panel of  embroidery. The small bonnet hats are secured by large coloured ribbons. A sweet child is playing and dressed in a check skirt and jacket, she has a staw hat to match.  A vivid caption of peaceful times.

Artist: Famous Anais Tondouze born 1822-1899. Printer: Leroy – Paris

Origin: Paris – headtotoefashionart sourced in London. (The first publication of Le Follet, Paris (English Version) appeared in 1846)

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