Rare Vintage Wedding Gowns

Rare Vintage Wedding Gowns – (Prints for reference)

Wedding Gallery Viewing:   This collection has slowly evolved from collecting in France.  Future Brides may gather inspiration for the design they may require for that special big day.  Modern Designers are always seeking unusual features to include in their present gown design for that discerning client. Hoping this page will help the search.  Latest views see bottom of the page  21.3.2013.  Today 19th June 2013. 

Wedding  1902


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Wedding 1877


From La Mode Illustree.  Gown designs by Mme. Delauney, Paris.      

Wedding  1869


 From La Mode Illustree,   Gowns by Mm. Breant-Castel. Paris.  This exquisit detaild lace panel over a full skirt could be for a Ball or a Wedding

Wedding morning


From La Mode Illustree, Gowns by Mammes.  Maury et Leriche, Rue Vivienne 51.  Paris  Artist: Anais Tondouze.
Wedding or confirmation day


From La Mode Illustree  Gowns by  Mme Breant-Castel, Paris. Artist Anais Tondouze.  Could be either Church confirmation or wedding dresses.
wedding day wow


From La Mode Illustree Gowns by Mme. Breant-Castel, Paris.  Models for a ball and a  spectacular white wedding,  having an extra attaching back panel.  Diamond shaped rushing set with ribbon and pearls.
Wedding heads


From La Mode Illustree, Gowns by The husband of Mmme. Fladry,   Paris.  Three wedding hair designs of ringlets entwined with flowers.
Wedding stthe Alter

Illistrator - Esnault

From Journal Des Demoiselles, A fine detailed drawing at the church alter.
Wedding  1923

Le Petit Echo de La Mode - 1923

Often Le Petit Echo De La Mode Fashion publication had a feature front page for Wedding gowns and also some amazing center double page spreads,  covering dresses for the bridesmaids, mothers and all the wedding guests.   They gave wonderful full descriptions of the dresses so that they could be copied and used for the event.
Wedding 1922

Journal front cover

This edition has wedding head-dresses, line drawings and photo’s of many styles of the 1920’s.  It is printed on similar to  news paper, so the quality is aged and needs to be preserved.
La Mode Illustree

1879 Wedding talk

Wedding talk  –   Trying out the impact of her dress and discussing the service!  The versatile style of the fitted jacket over the romantic skirt to this dress was also worn for other occasions after the wedding..  The other model has fine black voile and lace over the rich red satin of the  main dress.  (Rose flower arrangements).
A rare Designer is mentioned – Toilettes de Mme. MASSIEU Esther,  42..Rue Poissonniere.  Paris.
Early 1900’s – In July 2012 I found this attractive black and white photograph by chance in a village in South Western France on a hot Sunday morning.  It is a Postcard.  The top of the dress is richly decorated with pearls and she has a lace veil.
A French Wedding Post card

French Wedding phpto

Wedding design drawings

Wedding design detail 1952

Wedding designs 1952

Wedding designs 1952


Winter Wedding

December 1922


 W Spring

Wedding Day Luxury


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New Wedding Gallery Update 19th June 2013

These new finds are from the Fashion Journal Petit Echo de la Mode, and are mostly from the front cover pages.  During the 1920’s many gowns were designed to have a shorter length, thereby saving on expensive materials.  This did not mean a sacrifice to a feeling of grand luxury, as these examples show.   Perhaps a new trend for now, as some remarkable shoes are available to wear and are covered up by long gowns.  




Married larger view

larger view


Luxurious 1928



Luxurious larger view



Wedding Moments  1926


Wedding moments larger view


Beautiful headdress 1927


authentic 1928


Authentic look 1928



Short gown  1927


Short gown larger view



Wedding hair styles

Wedding hair styles 1920's

Simplicity  1927

1927 - Simplicity

Ready to go



Ready to go



Is she ready to go?