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French Fine Art Fashion Prints Collection


A Christmas gift – This perfect girls red winter costume as a downloadable print.



Mode Vraies – The Red Girl is a downloadable Vintage print available in three different sizes, A4 A3 A2

This little Red Girl print is dressed in a fetching red costume edged in white fur, stands out and reminds us of a winter warm Christmas.

Our downloadable print is ideal for home craft-work, interior wall design, offices of every kind, guest apartments and houses, shop display areas and even exhibitions. Easy downloads for students of historical fashion design will be fascinated with some of the images which could be used for study display projects, even exams.

These original images are from our own personal historical archive © Copyright 2015

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Paris France

Print Sizes

A2 @ 200 PPI, A3 @ 200 PPI, A4 @ 200 PPI, All sizes (A2, A3 & A4) @ 200 PPI